Panels shall be exterior grade, 4mm thick composed of a low density Polyethylene Core sandwiched between two sheets of Aluminum of 0.5mm thickness. The outer top skin shall be coated with either PVDF KYNAR 500(more than 70% PVDF resin) or Fluoropolymer coating. Paint approved suppliers shall be Akzo Nobel, Australia, Monopol Switzerland and P.P.G, U.S.A. There shall be a protective coating on the back skin.

Product Warranty And Tests:

Panels shall be installed as per the fixing details and accessories recommended by the Manufacturer and shall carry a 10 years Warranty on weather durability, UV color fading, corrosion, chalking, fading, weather damage and manufacturing defects. Panels shall be extensively tested in compliance to ASTM, BS standards and ISO 9001 requirements. Copies of test Certificates from recognized International Laboratories like Warrington Fire Research Center U.K, Architectural Testing Incorporation U.S.A, VKF Switzerland and SWRI, U.S.A shall be submitted along with the material submittal. Fire rated grade shall carry minimum 60 minutes ASTM E119 fire rating certificate and ASTM D648 deflection temperature rating of 2110C FR core shall be from Dupoint resins containing inorganic mineral core. Alubond U.S.A panels shall be supplied from either one of the Production Plants based in U.S.A, U.A.E, EUROPE & INDIA. All supplied products shall carry authentic Alubond U.S.A Logo and designs, Protective Film of American Building Technologies Inc., U.S.A.


Deviation Tolerances:

Thickness: 0.2mm Width: 2.0mm Length: 3.0mm
Diagonal < 3.0mm (length 2500mm) < 5.0mm (length 2500mm)
Side straightness: < 0.5% of the length

Fixing Details and Accessories:

Typical fixing details and accessories shall be as per the Manufacturer's recommendation and as per the enclosed drawings. All shop drawings will need to be endorsed for submission by the Local Supplier before submittal.


Panels shall comply with the following performance standards. Specifications

Color Choice:

Color shall be as per the selection of the Client / Architect.

Product Warranty:

All panels supplied on the project shall be warranted for a period of 10 years by the parent company American Building Technologies Inc, Denver U.S.A as per their standard Product Warranty. Material submittals shall carry a letter from ABTI confirming their willingness to provide the above warranty. The warranty shall be provided directly in the name of The Client from the Manufacturers and endorsed by the local supplier / Installer.