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Specification of Warrantable Performance:

  • Color Retention according to ASTM D-2244 The Color change will not exceed 7 NBS units during the warranty period.
  • Chalking Resistance according to ASTM D- 659 Chalk will not be in excess of a numerical rating of 6 during the warranty period.


A. This warranty is eligible for mutual rights, obligations, and responsibility in achieving the excellent service of all M/s. American Building Technologies Inc. Alubond u.s.a product system, hereinto both parties agree to all terms, conditions, limitations, remedies, and legal rights set forth below.

B. Based on the order confirmation (above stated,) M/s. American Building Technologies Inc. has delivered the above listed Alubond u.s.a. composite panels with Kynar 500® polyvinylidence fluoride (PVDF), or Duranar® XL Plus Fluorocarbon resin coil (stove-lacquered) coatings and strippable protective film / foil on one surface, and wash coat on the reverse side.


A. Subject to the conditions set forth herein, M/s. American Building Technologies Inc. warrants the Alubond u.s.a. panels to be free from defects in manufacturing and workmanship for the duration of ten (10) years worldwide.

B. The stove-lacquered surface coating will not peel, flake, blister, or crack when exposed to the weather, except for light cracking or crazing, which may occur during fabrication process of the panels.

C. The lamination layers between two aluminum tinsels and PE will not delaminate, separate or loose adhesion on both sides.

D. Any color changes or gloss reduction of the stove-lacquered surface coating will be in a uniform manner when surfaces are unevenly exposed to the sun and surrounding elements. The determination of color differences and gloss reduction are to be inspected on clean panels from which external deposits and chalk have been removed.



  1. The guidelines illustrated in the M/s. American Building Technologies Inc. data sheets that indicate fabrication, handling, and maintenance of the panels having been proven fully practiced / observed throughout the construction period.
  2. Panels ought to be erected in accordance with an approved set of shop drawings in addition, structural strength of anchorage and assorted hardware fastening shall be secure and galvanized as per engineering recommendations, if required.
  3. Where aluminum materials come in contact with dissimilar metals, a proper insulator or caulking tape shall be applied to insulate between the dissimilar materials to avoid corrosive and electrolytic action.
  4. The bend-in portions between Panel joints shall not be caulked BEFORE strippable film is removed. Make sure weep holes and drainage channels are unobstructed and free of debris, dirt and sealant.
  5. The panels installed vertically are not more than 860 from the vertical and having been exposed to normal weathering.

This warranty is valid to the following conditions

  1. The panels NOT having been continuously exposed to the temperature as of 700C or above.
  2. The panels having been installed in a way that absolutely avoiding accumulation of water on the panel's surfaces or edges.
  3. The panels having been cleaned in accordance with our recommendations at least once per year.
  4. The panels having been handle (ship / deliver) with care and stored properly. Protect the panel surfaces and edges before usage, in accordance with M/s. American Building Technologies Inc. recommendations.

This warranty will be void to the following conditions and will automatically be expired while investigation of the under listed scenarios been found match or equivalent to project site.

  1. Damage or defect to the panel that results from anything other than the flaw of the material ingredients.
  2. The panels having been damaged through mechanical agencies or exposed to toxic emission which differ from those in evidence during the time of shipment and which may be deemed harmful to commercial grades stove-lacquered coatings.
  3. The Alubond u.s.a. composite panels which having been or are exposed to smoke, fire, lightning, windstorm, sandstorm, tornado, hail, volcanic lava, seismic destruction, or other acts of God.
  4. Intermittence or continuous exposure to radiation, tunnel interior, ambient salt-aerosol, for instance applications located near ocean, corrosive contamination in the atmosphere like air or chemical entrapment including but not limited to organic solvents, concentrated detergents and wetting agents.
  5. Any panel deterioration or damage by malicious mischief, vandalism, impact, misuse, abuse, or negligence in cleaning or maintaining.
  6. Improper storage, handling, fabrication and installation. Also poor quality of all related construction methodology like poor strength of anchoring, bolting, integrity of bonding, failure of sealant (silicon) applications, unacceptable water / moisture penetration etc.
  7. Any form of damage caused by direct and indirect influences that is generally known to affect the quality of stove -lacquered coatings.


A. Upon receipt, the customer must inspect the Alubond u.s.a. panels supplied by M/s. American Building Technologies Inc. immediately. Defects reported by the above-mentioned inspection might only be claimed prior to fabrication; thereafter M/s. American Building Technologies Inc shall not be responsible. Concealed defects must be claimed immediately upon discovery, the right to claim such concealed defects will, at any rate, expired as the end of the warranty period stipulated in section 1.02. M/s. American Building Technologies Inc., must be given reasonable opportunity to inspect the panels prior to any alternation or repair.

B. In case any panel should be found not to be in conformity with the conditions of this warranty, M/s American Building Technologies Inc. reserves the right / authority and option to adjust the quality of its product by either refinish, replace or repair the defective panels at their cost. It is M/s. American Building Technologies Inc's sole option to discontinue or modify its product lines and coatings. If the original color is no longer available, M/s. American Building Technologies Inc will either substitute a product or coating of equal value and quality or refund the purchase price of the defective product only. The warranty period applicable to any refinished, repaired, or replaced panels shall be for the same duration applicable to the original installed product.

C. For the sake of service quality satisfaction/ and act in accordance with M/s. American Buildings Technologies Inc. specified standards; American Buildings Technologies Inc will refund customer with the original purchase price if American Buildings Technologies Inc is unable to ameliorate such non-conformity by replacing or replacing of the Alubond u.s.a. panels for one certain client. Except the quantity of panels that were used on the job site, American Buildings Technologies Inc. is only responsible to the returned quantity multiplies, original unit price of panels after the returned shipment is transported back safe and sound. All other costs are barred.


A. The foregoing is American Building Technologies Inc. sole warranty with respect to the Alubond u.s.a. composite panels. American Building Technologies Inc. makes no other warranties, expression or implied suggestions, including warranties or merchantability and suitability for a particular purpose.

B. The customer's exclusive remedy against American Building Technologies Inc. shall be set forth in the preceding paragraphs. In no event shall American Building Technologies Inc. be liable to any of the customer's direct or indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages, either directly, or by way of contribution or damage base on loss due to the use of panels, or damages for cover, regardless whether the claim for such damages be based on warranty, express, or implied, contract, tort, and so forth.

C. The Un-Expired portion (remainder) of this warranty is transferable to subsequent owners of the property within 30 days of the date that ownership is transferred. Failure to provide the notice will relieve American Building Technologies Inc of any further obligations under this warranty.

D. The commencement date for this warranty is the date of dispatch of the stove-lacquered Alubond panels from the American Building Technologies Inc. Here after, this agreement is consequentially effective for 15 years period, begins the first day of dispatch.

E. This warranty may not be modified or changed except by a written document signed by an officer of American Building Technologies Inc.


Robert Gustafson
Export Manager
Alubond u.s.a. Panel Division.

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