American Building Technologies Inc., Manufacturing and distributing the world's latest building material technology for Stonebond u.s.a Microthin Stone Panels with high-rise structures.
Stonebond U.S.A. panels are manufactured using 3 to 5 mm microthin stone slabs laminated to different backing materials like aluminium honeycomb, aluminium composites, AR fiberglass and fire boards using high strength fiber reinforced epoxy resins. The aerospace technology of aluminium honeycomb gives Stonebond panels an incredible flexural and impact strength while retaining all the natrual beauty of the stone surface . The other backing materials are non-combustible and fire rated Magnesium Silicate boards, Aluminium Composite Panels, Fiberglass mesh also enhance the strength and structural properties..American building Technologies Inc's., innovative marketing policies and the inherent advantages of Stonebond U.S.A
panels has made this product an instant international success.
a Advantages

Light Weight: Stonebond u.s.a weighs only 1/5th of the standard natural stone giving high saving in the structure, labour, installation and time. Оффер Hemorexal

Strength: The aerospace technology of honeycomb backing gives the product a high weight to strength ration making it an ideal facade material for high rise towers.

Flexibility: Panels can be curved to clad on columns and facade curvatures using Stonebond u.s.a

Light Permmittance : A special range of light permeated panels are also available in Stonebond U.S.A series

a Applications
Stone bond’s inherent advantages of light weight, flexibility, high strength and selection option of virtually any natural marble or granite stone makes the product a natural choice for architects to use on exterior and interior structures. Facades of High Rise towers, steel structure buildings, luxury yachts, ships, ceilings and wall linings are some of the commonly used applications.
a Exterior
a Interior