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We harness the Solar energy, for you
Alubond solar collector panel (SCP) is a unique worldwide patented composite panel, sandwiching a high durable exterior grade core between two layers of aluminium skin. The Alubond SCP's are light weight, features phenomenal flatness which retain its shape and comes with low cost maintenance. This translates into easier handling,packaging and shipping.

Alubond SCP's are designed for minimum support structure assembly thereby maximizing ease of installation and fabrication which results in cost savings for total assembly of solar units such as solar troughs or suntrof.

Alubond SCP's has the best reflectance, corrosion and weather resistance, longevity, adhesion properties and highest warranty terms in its class thus making Alubond solar collector panels the world’s best solar reflective panels available today.

The Earth gets 1021 Joules of Energy every day from the sun. The sun gives out 1000 watts of energy to every square meter of the earth’s surface. The energy we receive from the sun in 1 second is 1000 times greater than the worlds energy needs, in one year.

Solar energy is 100% clean, Non polluting, always available free of charge, that significantly reduces energy costs.

Reasons which make it clear why Alubond Solar Collector Panel is the world's leading solution for the optimum usage of solar reflectance.

Stellar Fetures

The Alubond Solar Collector Panels have undergone rigorous testing and have been certified to have

• Highest Reflectance in its class.
• Highest Corrosion Resistance
• Highest Weather Resistance
• Highest Adhesion Standards
• Highest Accelerated Aging
• Highest Shape Retention
• Greatest Wind Load-Bearing Resistance

Top Notch Reflectance in Visible and Solar Light

Note: The Graph above is the result of the ASTM E1331-96 and ASTM E905-96 test for 8 degree per hemispherical solar reflectance that the Alubond Solar Collector panels were subjected to.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength
180 N/mm2 (26000 psi)
Yield Strenght
168 N/mm2 (24000 psi)
Minimum Bend Radii

Brightness and reflection Properties

Solar Reflectance 8 Degree Hemispherical
180 N/mm2 (26000 psi)
90% Minimum
Visible Light Total Reflectance
(ASTM 1951-94 and Technidyne TR-2 test)
86% Minimum
  Distinctness of Image
(ASTM E430-83 Hunter Lab D47 DORIGON)
90% Minimum
Specular Reflectance (DIN 67530) 60 Minimum
15Deg. Diffusenss 15 Deg. Diffuseness
Dr. Lange 60 Deg. w/g 90 Minimum
a/g 85 Minimum
  Anodic Film Thickness (ASTM B137-89) 1.3 to 1.8 Microns
  Iridescence Rating Free Iridescence
Availability of Top Sheet and Top Coil Gage 0.4 to 1.6 mm
  Width 12.7 to 1250 mm
  length Upto 3660 mm

Brightness and reflection Properties

Method Duration (hours) Loss of Solar Reflection Surface Appearance
QUV (ASTM GC154-06) 3000 <1% No Visible Corrosion or Color Shifts
Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227) 3000 <1.5% No Corrosion, Pits or Other Defects Detected
Acetic Salt Spray Test
(ISO 9227)
1000 <3% No attack at the Edges
Filiform Corrosion 1000 N/A No Corrosion or Udercutting at Scribed Line
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