The use of natural stone as a facade and building material has been in practice for centuries. Exotic textures and finishes of Marble and granite and other natural stones combined with the timeless elegance and weather proof properties still make these traditional products a popular Architect’s choice.

Unfortunately there have been many failures with high-rise structures using these systems mainly due to the excessive thickness, weight and low impact resistance properties of natural stones.

Microthinstone panels from American Builing Technologies Inc., offers a solution to these problems.

Stonebond U.S.A. panels are manufactured using 3 to 5 mm microthin stone slabs laminated to different backing materials like aluminium honeycomb, aluminium composites, AR fiberglass and fire boards using high strength fiber reinforced epoxy resins. The aerospace technology of aluminium honeycomb gives Stonebond panels an incredible flexural and impact strength while retaining all the natrual beauty of the stone surface . The other backing materials are non-combustible and fire

rated Magnesium Silicate boards, Aluminium Composite Panels, Fiberglass mesh also enhance the strength and structural properties..American building Technologies Inc., Innovative marketing policies and the inherent advantages of Stonebond U.S.A panels has made this product an instant international success.


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