MAGNELiTE U.S.A is a result of American Building Technologies Inc's continued endeavor to offer quality products to the building industry. MAGNELiTE U.S.A Magnesium Silicate Boards is a Non-Combustible BS 476 - Part 4 Class 1 certified building board capable of providing up to 3 hours of fire rating. It is an all-weather, high strength, non-combustible, fire resistant board for interior and exterior applications. MAGNELiTE U.S.A has 100% asbestos free composition manufactured from a matrix of inorganic materials like natural silicates, CaCO3, MgO and reinforced with glass fiber. The innovative manufacturing technology of multiple glass fiber reinforcements provides the board with exceptional flexibility and strength. MAGNELiTE U.S.A is also available in special finishes of stone, brick and natural veneer laminates.

"Come fire, Come moisture, Come heat, Come termites, MAGNELiTE U.S.A fights it all and is a one solution building board."

Product Performance
Up to 3 hours fire rated, non-combustibility Superior moisture resistance Highly resistant to vermin and termite attack
Chemically stable Dimensionally stable Resistant to climatic conditions and moisture
Good thermal properties Easy to work and fix Safe to work with, containing no hazardous materials and 100% asbestos free
Mechanical & Physical Properties
Density (Ave.) 1050 Kg/m3

Bending Strength

> 7MpA
> 7MpA
Moisture Content About 13.2%
Moisture Absorption (After 24 hours soak) 32%
Moisture Absorption Expansion Rate < 0.09%
Thermal Conductivity 0.139 W/mK 0.106 Kcal/m hr °C
Surface Alkalinity Between 9.5 - 10 pH
Sound Absorption 38dB (93mm partition) 100 - 8000Hz frequency
Bonding Agent Magnebond is an odorless bonding agent and free from formaldehyde
Dimensional Tolerance
Description Tolerance (mm)
Thickness (mm) 0.2mm, +0.4mm
Width 1mm, +2mm
Length 1mm, +3mm
Squareness < 5mm
Fire Resistance
MAGNELiTE U.S.A Magnesium Silicate Board will not burn. It has been tested to :
(1) BS 476 Part 4 Non Combustibility
(2) BS 476 Part 7 Surface Spread of flame as CLASS 1 classification
(3) EN-ISO 1716 Bomb calorimeter test to European standard
(4) EN-ISO 1182 Non Combustibility to European standard, rated as CLASS - A1 material

No bloating, swelling or delamination of the board when board tested under water.

Frozen at -17.55C ± 2.55C for over 16 hours, kept frozen at 17.55C for 4 hours. Thawed by immersing in water at approximate 200C, maintained at temperature of 200C ± 33C for 5 hours. Freeze and thaw cycle is repeated for 10 times. TEST RESULT : No cracking, disintegration, crumbling, stripping occurs on the MAGNELiTE U.S.A Magnesium Silicate Board.


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