Multilayer PVDF Specialty Film for Protection & Durability

the development of decorative KYNAR film is the result of the close cooperation between ATOFINA and the company PROTECHNIC with a turnover of 20.8 billion and 72,000 personnel in 2000, ATOFINA is the world's
5th largest chemical company and a global leader in both PVDF (KYNAR) and PMMA granules.

KYNAR film is obtained by a patented multi layer blown extrusion technology and does not contain any residual solvent or plasticizer. The blown film technology allows the production of both :

thin or thick films - typically from 10 to 100 um
narrow or wide films - typically from 1200 up to 1800mm depending on film
formulation & thickness

the multi layer flexible process allows a great freedom of design a patented adheflon ductile tie layer is built
in the film, making the lamination process onto thermoplastic, thermoset or primed metal substrates easier
while maintaining the impact strength of the substrate.


UV Resistance Alubond panels with KYNAR film retains its initial colour and gloss over the years & prevents fading,
UV Barrier chalking and loss of
strength of UV sensitive substrates.
Chemical Resistance Graffiti on KYNAR film protected surfaces
can be cleaned with various cleaning agents
with out leaving a ghost.
Low Surface Tension KYNAR® film protected surfaces exhibit
low dirt pick up
Built in AdheflonTie Layer Alubond panela with KYNAR film exhibitsstrong durable adhesion to various substrates (PVC, PMMA, ABS,PC, primed metal,....)
Good elongation at break Alubond panels with KYNAR film protected
surfaces defects can be thermoformed without
Thermoplastic Character & Large processing window between melting
point (165c) & onset of degradation (340c)
Alubond panels with KYNAR film can withstand extreme heat up to (165c)
Heat Sealable
Flexible Good elongation at break
Alubond panels with KYNAR film can be formed into complex shapes using simple assemblying techniques
Fire resistance & low smoke Generation Alubond panels with KYNAR film can be used in demanding applications such as aircraft.

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