Alubond Applications

ALUBOND' s array of colors and finishes combined with the inherent capability of forming into different shapes and contours with durability and weather resistance makes ALUBOND an Architect's Dream! Major Corporations and Multi National Companies have a definitive desire to make their structures an expression of Personal Designer Statement. ALUBOND becomes a natural choice to achieve this objective. The possible applications are limited to The Architect's imagination.

Circular Columns
Building Fascades
Wall Paneling
Soffits and Beams
Metal Ceilings and Partitions
Exhibition and Display Stands
Shopfronts and Signages
Window Surrounds
Door Panels and Frames

ALUBOND U.S.A Granite Finish Panels

An innovative combination of high performance Polymers and multiplayer technology in Kynar PVDF films from ATOFINA has given ALUBOND the option of offering exotic textures and colors. Exterior grade panels in Marble,Granite, Veneer, double shaded Chameleon and Arctic figured textures are available with 15 years Kynar weather resistance warranties.

  Alubond Folding and Routing Techniques
V-Shaped Groove for 90 Deg. folding
V-Shaped Groove for 45 Deg. folding
Bull nosed groove for foldings
upto 150 Deg.
Bolted Fixing
Method of panel lamination
Exposed Riveted Fixing
Mechanical Fixing
Mechanical Fixing
Silicone Butt Joint