Alubond SOLID

Alubond SOLID

Alubond SOLID Alubond U.S.A SOLID is the latest offering in high performance solid aluminum panel technology set to cater to the designer requirements of modern architectural façades. Alubond U.S.A SOLID is a Class A1 Non Combustible material and hence suitable in all Fire Rated Applications. Alubond's unique continuous coil coating process and choice of high strength alloys like 3003 and 5005 series has given a new performance dimension to the use of solid aluminum in Architectural Façades and Solid Metal Applications. With a wide range of selection in PVDF coatings and Innovative Thermal Reflective Solar Cool Coatings, Alubond U.S.A SOLID offers aluminum panels of thickness 2mm & 3mm with the following attributes:
- Economical as compared to previous coated solid aluminum panels
- Perfectly flat façade panel
- Available in 3000 & 5000 alloy series
- PVDF/PUPA/Solar Cool Coating applied in 2, 3 or 4 coats
- In line with Alubond U.S.A world class quality standards
- 100% Recyclable and qualifies for LEED certified green buildings.


Alubond U.S.A SOLID's array of colors and finishes combined with the inherent capability of forming different shapes and contours with durability and weather resistance makes Alubond U.S.A SOLID an Architect's Dream! Major Corporations and Multinational Companies have a definitive desire to make their structures an expression of a Personal Designer Statement. Alubond U.S.A becomes a natural choice to achieve this objective. The possible applications are limited only to the Architect's imagination... Common applications of Alubond U.S.A SOLID are:
- Circular Columns
- Building Façades
- Wall Paneling Concepts
- Soffits and Beams
- Metal Ceilings and Partitions.


LIGHT WEIGHT: yet extremely rigid and flat resulting in an economical option for high quality building façades and interior cladding.
WEATHER RESISTANCE: Combined with high Acoustics and thermal values
NON COMBUSTIBLE: High fire rating value, Class A1
EXTENSIVE CHOICE: of finishes including Metallic, Granite & Veneer
HIGHLY MALLEABLE: High product flexibility, The panel can be fabricated into complex shapes and designs allowing the panel to have versatile applications.
100% RECYCLABLE: Giving the building a high post usage value
ALUBOND U.S.A SOLID GREEN: Made using 75% Post Consumer Recycled content.

Technical Data

Thickness: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm
Width: up to 1250mm
BASIC ALLOYS: 3003 / 5005
PHYSICAL STATE: H42/H44/H46/H48 (in accordance with EN 485-2 Standard)
DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCES: Width: + 2.0, -0.0mm, Thickness: ± 0.12mm
Length: + 3.0, -0.0mm, Flatness: 0.4%, Squareness: ≤ 5mm
CHEMICAL PRE-TREATMENT: Mill finish aluminum coil is cleaned for dust, oil, grease etc with degreasing chemicals. After cleaning it is treated with chrome free conversion chemical like Zirchonium to activate the surface for better adhesion and corrosion resistance.
PROTECTIVE FILM FEATURES: 80 micron UV treated PE Film.
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