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  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond FR - A2, B

    Creating A Sustainable Future

    Core Types Alubond U.S.A is a metal composite panel consisting of two layers of a metallic skin like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Zinc, Titanium etc., sandwiching a fire rated core in a continuous co-extrusion process. Alubond U.S.A is a registered brand of American Building Technologies located in Rockford Illinois with production bases in Europe, Middle East and India. Alubond U.S.A is committed to a sustainable future and is now available in three fire rated cores and an innovative eco friendly green core. Alubond U.S.A has emerged as The World's Largest ACP Brand with new expansions under progress in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. The installed production capacity by June 2011 will be over 11,000,000m² with 10 production lines and two coil coating lines.

    Panel Dimension

    STANDARD WIDTH: 1250mm
    AVAILABLE WIDTH: 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
    STANDARD LENGTH: 3200mm, 4000mm
    AVAILABLE LENGTH: Custom order upto 11000mm
    AVAILABLE THICKNESS: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
    AVAILABLE SKIN THICKNES: 0.3mm - 0.5mm
    *Note: FR A2 Max Width 1500mm

    Panel Tolerance

    LENGTH: + 4mm
    WIDTH: + 2mm
    THICKNESS: + 0.2mm upto 4mm, + 0.3mm upto 6mm
    BOW: (LENGTH AND OR WIDTH) Maximum 0.8%
    SQUARENESS: Maximum 5mm
    SKIN THICKNESS: As per International Standards

    Alubond U.S.A Product Composites

    Alubond U.S.A Product Composites

    Alubond U.S.A Product Advantages

    LIGHTWEIGHT, yet extremely rigid and flat resulting in an economical option for high quality building facades and interior cladding.
    WEATHER RESISTANCE combined with high acoustics, Thermal and Fire Rated values.
    EXTENSIVE CHOICE of finishes including Solid, Metallic, Granite, Veneer, and Chameleon Colors.
    HIGHLY MALLEABLE gives flexibility of shapes making it a versatile panel to achieve complex design solutions.

    Finish And Color

    Alubond U.S.A, are four color types, Solid Colors, Metallic Colors, Sparkling Colors and Stone-wood Metal Series. All colors are fluorocarbon coating produced in our continuous coil coating line. Custom colors are also available for all finishes upon request subject to minimum quantity. Refer more details to our Color Chart.
  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond Stainless Steel
    Alubond U.S.A Alubond Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Composite Panels

    Alubond U.S.A offers an option for stainless steel Composite Panels (SCP) using three type of coil finishes: Brushed Hairline, Dull and High Mirror. They are designed to provide sophisticated look to exterior and interior cladding, accenting natural beauty and metal shade of stainless steel. This composite also maintains flatness, rigidity combined with light weight and easy fabrication which are necessary features for advanced architectural and technical designs. Alubond Stainless Steel

    Material Composites

    Alubond U.S.A Stainless Steel Composite Panel is made of fire rated core, sandwiched between stainless steel sheets in grade 304 or 316 in thickness 0.3 mm. For exterior usage, top and bottom coils are both in stainlesssteel. For interior applications, economical options of aluminum, Aluzinc, Galvanized Steel as bottom skin in combination of stainless steel on the top is available.

    Material Specifications

    Core: Fire Rated
    Steel Aloy: 304, optional 316
    Skin Finishes: High Mirror, Brushed Hairline, Dull Finish

    Panel Dimension

    Widths: 980mm, 1200mm
    Lengths: Any length upto 6000mm
    Skin Thickness: 0.3 mm and 0.4mm
    Alubond Stainless Steel
  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond Green
    Alubond U.S.A Alubond Green

    Alubond Green Composite Panel

    Alubond Green Composite Panel The ALUBOND GREEN Composite Panel is an ECO FRIENDLY facade that focuses on minimizing a building’s CARBON FOOTPRINT and making significant contributions to the SUSTAINABILITY of a building structure. The reduced carbon footprint of Alubond Green is achieved through a 3 Tier Contribution:

    - Maximum utilization of POST CONSUMER RECYCLE CONTENT (PCR) in the raw materials used.
    - ENERGY EFFICIENCY measures during its product life cycle.
    - THERMAL REFLECTIVE COOLING offered during usage of product.

    PCR - Post Consumer Recycle Content - ALUMINUM

    The Aluminium used in the Alubond Green façade panel consists of up to 75% post consumer recycle content. Sources of the PCR content vary from used beverage cans to recycled aluminum bales. During the production of raw material maximum PCR percentage is targeted with a strict focus on quality control of the final product to ensure sustainability and quality. PCR - Post Consumer Recycle Content - ALUMINUM

    PCR - Post Consumer Recycle Content - CORE

    PCR - Post Consumer Recycle Content - CORE The source of the core in the Alubond Green panel is an in-house recycling plastics production facility of annual capacity of 15.000 tons production to cater to Alubond Green’s core raw material requirements. A state of the art head facility and independent on -site recycling units at Alubond’s production factories convert used plastic to sustainable building panels. The core formula is perfected to maximize quality while using recycled plastic content. The final product is adherent to Alubond’s global quality standards. Standard ACP Product Lifecycle VS Alubond Green ACP Product Lifecycle Standard ACP Product Lifecycle VS Alubond Green ACP Product Lifecycle

    Total Solar Reflectance
    Total Solar Reflectance Thermal Reflective Solar Cool Coating

    The Alubond Green SOLAR COOL COATING offers a THERMAL REFLECTANCE property that aids in cutting off the heat transferred to a building structure and enhances thermal comfort. REDUCTION of up to 20% is achieved in INTERNAL TEMPERATURES of applied structures when used with Alubond U.S.A ABTI Substructure. Subsequent SAVINGS in a building’s air conditioning and drop in ENERGY CONSUMPTION lead to further reduction in buildings CARBON FOOTPRINT and increase in its SUSTAINABILIT.

    Energy Efficient Green Production

    The Alubond Green Panels are manufactured using energy efficient production lines consuming 50% less energy for production as compared to standard industry production lines. Energy Efficient Green Production

    Alubond Green’s Sustainability Circle & Energy Savings

    An additional feature of the Alubond Green Composite Panel is that it is 100% RECYCLABLE POST USAGE and can be reintroduced back into its product supply chain to complete the sustainability cycle. Alubond Green’s Sustainability Circle & Energy Savings
  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond SOLID
    Alubond U.S.A Alubond SOLID

    Alubond SOLID

    Alubond SOLID Alubond U.S.A SOLID is the latest offering in high performance solid aluminum panel technology set to cater to the designer requirements of modern architectural façades. Alubond U.S.A SOLID is a Class A1 Non Combustible material and hence suitable in all Fire Rated Applications. Alubond's unique continuous coil coating process and choice of high strength alloys like 3003 and 5005 series has given a new performance dimension to the use of solid aluminum in Architectural Façades and Solid Metal Applications. With a wide range of selection in PVDF coatings and Innovative Thermal Reflective Solar Cool Coatings, Alubond U.S.A SOLID offers aluminum panels of thickness 2mm & 3mm with the following attributes:
    - Economical as compared to previous coated solid aluminum panels
    - Perfectly flat façade panel
    - Available in 3000 & 5000 alloy series
    - PVDF/PUPA/Solar Cool Coating applied in 2, 3 or 4 coats
    - In line with Alubond U.S.A world class quality standards
    - 100% Recyclable and qualifies for LEED certified green buildings.


    Alubond U.S.A SOLID's array of colors and finishes combined with the inherent capability of forming different shapes and contours with durability and weather resistance makes Alubond U.S.A SOLID an Architect's Dream! Major Corporations and Multinational Companies have a definitive desire to make their structures an expression of a Personal Designer Statement. Alubond U.S.A becomes a natural choice to achieve this objective. The possible applications are limited only to the Architect's imagination... Common applications of Alubond U.S.A SOLID are:
    - Circular Columns
    - Building Façades
    - Wall Paneling Concepts
    - Soffits and Beams
    - Metal Ceilings and Partitions.


    LIGHT WEIGHT: yet extremely rigid and flat resulting in an economical option for high quality building façades and interior cladding.
    WEATHER RESISTANCE: Combined with high Acoustics and thermal values
    NON COMBUSTIBLE: High fire rating value, Class A1
    EXTENSIVE CHOICE: of finishes including Metallic, Granite & Veneer
    HIGHLY MALLEABLE: High product flexibility, The panel can be fabricated into complex shapes and designs allowing the panel to have versatile applications.
    100% RECYCLABLE: Giving the building a high post usage value
    ALUBOND U.S.A SOLID GREEN: Made using 75% Post Consumer Recycled content.

    Technical Data

    Thickness: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm
    Width: up to 1250mm
    BASIC ALLOYS: 3003 / 5005
    PHYSICAL STATE: H42/H44/H46/H48 (in accordance with EN 485-2 Standard)
    DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCES: Width: + 2.0, -0.0mm, Thickness: ± 0.12mm
    Length: + 3.0, -0.0mm, Flatness: 0.4%, Squareness: ≤ 5mm
    CHEMICAL PRE-TREATMENT: Mill finish aluminum coil is cleaned for dust, oil, grease etc with degreasing chemicals. After cleaning it is treated with chrome free conversion chemical like Zirchonium to activate the surface for better adhesion and corrosion resistance.
    PROTECTIVE FILM FEATURES: 80 micron UV treated PE Film.
    Alubond SOLID
  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond Interiors
    Alubond U.S.A Alubond Interiors

    Alubond Interiors

    Specialized interior and display oriented aluminum composite panels developed for designer and corporate identity applications.

    Product Specification

    Thickness: 2mm and 3mm
    Width: 1220mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1550mm
    Width: 1220mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1550mm
    Length: 2440mm, up to 4800mm
    Skin thickness: 0.50mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm

    Alubond U.S.A Interior Finishes

    Brush, Wood, Marble, Stone, Textured, Abstract and Custom Finishes offering convenient and designer alternative to standard used material. Alubond Interiors

    Dual Color

    Available in standard range of dual colored panels of Red/Yellow, Green/Blue and Ivory/Black.
  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond Total Solutions
    Alubond U.S.A Alubond Total Solutions

    Alubond Total Solutions

    Alubond Total Solutions Alubond U.S.A Total Solution concept is designed to offer a complete Turnkey package of Engineering, supply and installation of Alubond Aluminium composite panels/Alubond Solid Aluminium panels using an open joint silicon free ventilated Substructure system with a full system warranty of 15 years. The Total Solutions concept includes services from façade engineering, onsite building survey, engineering drawings of project specific fixing details, structural analysis of full system of panels with ABTI substructure, fabrication of panels and substructure, supply of full system including accessories to site, installation services by approved installers, Alubond approval of installed system and release of 15 years warranty for the full system.
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  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond Lite
    Alubond U.S.A Alubond Lite

    Alubond Lite

    Alubond Lite U.S.A is a specialised display aluminium composite panel developed for corporate identity signages and display applications. It consists of two layers of aluminium skins in varying gloss levels of 30 to 80% sandwiching a Polyethylene or fire rated core. The top surface is coated in stove enameled structural lacquering system and back surface has a mill finish or stove lacqured polyester lacquering system. The unique feature of Alubond Lite U.S.A is the Double Color Combo Series. This has a standard range of two sided paint finishes in Red - Yellow, Green - Blue, Ivory - Black. Also custom ordered double sided colored panels can be supplied. The product carries the ISO 9001 Quality certification and tested to ASTM, DIN and BS Certifications from reputed international laboratories of U.K., Germany and U.S.A.


    Some of the popular Alubond Lite applications are corporate identity programme for Petrol stations, Retail outlets, Interior and Exterior signs, POP Displays, Exhibition Stands, Atm Machines, Channel Letters, Commercial vehicle interior linings and truck bodies, Elevators, Kiosks, Stair wells, Ceiling and Partition panels etc.

    Product Specification

    Panel Dimension

    Standard Width: 1250mm
    Available Widths: 1000mm, 1500mm, 1550mm
    Standard Length: 2500mm
    Available Lengths: Any length upto 5800mm
    Available Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

    Standard Product Tolerance

    Thickness of Panel: +/- 0.2
    Thickness of Skin: +/- 0.05
    Bow: +/- 0.5% of length
    Squareness: +/- 0.5% of legth
    Dimension in sizes: +/- 3 mm
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  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond Solar Collector Mirror
    Alubond U.S.A Alubond Solar Collector Mirror

    Alubond Solar Collector Mirror

    Alubond Solar Collector Mirror Alubond Solar Collector Mirror (ASCM) is a result of pioneering research in metal composite technology. Alubond USA brings this innovation to CSP and CPV systems that is superior to the conventional glass mirror technology being currently used which is heavy, expensive and highly breakable. The ASCM is a unique worldwide patented composite panel, sandwiching a high durable exterior grade core between two layers of metal skin. the ASCM is light weight, features phenomenal flatness which retains its shape and comes with low maintenance. This translates in to easier handling, packaging and shipping. The ASCM requires minimum support structure assembly thereby maximizing ease of installation and fabrication. This results in cost saving in assembly of solar units. ASCM is designed to provide high reflectivity along with rigidity to take and retain parabolic shapes. ASCM’s have high reflectance ranging from 91% to 95%, strong weather and corrosion resistance, longevity and adhesion properties that provide an advanced alternative to the glass mirror technology.

    Material Specifications

    Alubond Solar Collector Mirror - Material Specifications Mulk Enpar R.E. System CSP Dish System Heliostat System Alubond Solar Collector Mirror - Material Specifications Fresnel CSP System Parabolic Trough Systems CPV Systems
  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond PV Booster Mirror
    Alubond U.S.A Alubond PV Booster Mirror

    Alubond PV Booster Mirror

    Photovoltaic (PV) devices have been in existence for several years and the electricity generated by them has been costly in comparison to conventional energy. This problem has been compounded by the shortage of solar grade Silicon which has become expensive. A solution to this problem was found by developing specialized solar PV reflectors which enable the solar radiation to be concentrated onto a smaller geometric area of Silicon while still producing the desired level of power. Alubond "PV Booster Mirror" (Patented in USA and World wide) is invented, designed and developed in the USA by Mulk R.E's Khurram Khan Nawab. The Alubond PV Booster Mirror reflects the solar flux on to the silicon wafer channelling it into a PV Module which increases their electrical output, while protecting it from the burnout effect which is a serious and frequent issue with PV Module concentrators that result in reducing the life of the PV cells. Alubond PV Booster Mirror provides a cumulative effect on the photovoltaic panel which will enhance the power output without comprising the durability of the PV Panel.

    Alubond UV Protection

    Alubond PV Booster Mirror is a reflective metal mirror for photovoltaic (PV) devices which increases the electrical output of the PV panel and cuts out the UV range of radiations in the solar spectrum that causes panel ageing and overheating as shown in figure 1 & 2. The new surface maintains high uniform reflectivity at visible and NIR wavelength. Alubond PV Booster Mirror title=
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  • Alubond U.S.A Alubond Acoustic
    Alubond U.S.A Alubond Acoustic

    Alubond Acoustic

    Alubond Acoustic Alubond U.S.A is the brand name for the new technology Aluminum composite building Panel from American building technologies, Illinois, USA. The product is also manufactured under license from ABTI in Belgrade by Alubond Europe and in U.A.E by Mulk Holdings FZC. The panel is a composite consisting of two layers of aluminum skin sandwiching a Acoustic core in a continuous co-extrusion process. This new generation technology of mechanical and chemical bonding gives Alubond U.S.A Acoustic panels an exceptional bond integrity. The outer aluminum skin for exterior grade Alubond U.S.A Acoustic panels is coated with PVDF Kynar 500 fluorocarbon, Polyester, UDP Coatings. The lower aluminum skin is chromate treated for anti-corrosion.

    Acoustic Core

    Acoustic Core Alubond U.S.A Acoustic core was developed to achieve optimum acoustical and thermal resistance properties and these properties relate to the physical composition of the LDPE produced at Alubond. The sound energy that absorbed is either reflected, dissipated or transmitted. The sound absorbing coefficient of a material describes its sound absorbing properties. Alubond uses specially processed porous polymers which are prepared by copolymerizing styrene and de vinyl benzene and contain micro-scaled pores that help in sound dampening.


    Alubond Acoustic


    LIGHT WEIGHT: extreme rigidity and flatness resulting in an economical option for high quality enclosure.
    WEATHER RESISTANCE: combined with high acoustics, thermal and fire rated values.
    CHOICE OF SOLID: Metallic, Granite, Veneer and Chameleon colors makes Alubond Preferred choice for adding aesthetic look as per costumer requirement.
    EASY MACHINE ABILITY: gives the flexibility of shapes making it a versatile panel to achieve complex designer solutions.
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