Big fire in Oasis Centre, Dubai

Alubond u.s.a. FR Aluminium Composite Panels which carries the Warrington Fire Research U.K. certificates of BS 476:Part 6: 1989 and BS 476: Part 7 : 1997 has proved its fire rating qualities by withstanding one of the biggest fires seen in the Middle East on 9 th September 2005. Oasis Center a very popular shopping mall was burnt to ashes with an estimated damages of over 300 Million USD. Onlookers stated that the building was like a volcano normally seen in the movies. Amidst all the fire and ruins there was one product which stood tall and what seemed like a miracle came out of the fire literally unscathed and without damage. This perhaps was a major factor in saving lives of the hundreds of people working in the Mall. There were zero casualties as per the reports!


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