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Alubond Bags Mega Projects ( Dubai International Airport,9 Tower Burj, Egypt Airport and more.....)

Alubond u.s.a has undoubtedly emerged as the fastest growing brand in the world. International Architects like Norr Group, Dar Al Handash, ADPI have approved Alubond u.s.a to be their choice of external facade cladding in major projects around the World.


Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport, considered as one of the most active flight zones in the world is undergoing an expansion program. ADPI, the Airport Specialist Architects and Consultants have specified Alubond u.s.a in this prestigious project. An estimated quantity of over 100,000m2 of Alubond u.s.a. aluminum composite panels will be installed in Dubai International Airport.

9 Tower in Burj Residence

Nasa Multiplex, Woods Bogot (New Zealand) and MACE (U.K.), all are reputed construction industry players in the international market have approved Alubond u.s.a. aluminum composite panel in their creation of an Integrated Building Complex known as ‘The Burj City’ which is considered by many to be one of the biggest Civil Developments in the World and that includes the ‘Burj Towers’ billed as “The tallest Tower Ever


The Waves, Dubai

The waves, one of the largest business group and developer in the U.A.E. has qualified Alubond u.s.a.Aluminum Composite Panel for their highest quality residential and commercial projects. Alubond u.s.a. is a world class brand for Aluminum Composite Panel which is the choice of Noor Group, the waves building experts for their world class creations.


Negar & Kish Venus

Alubond u.s.a Aluminum Composite Panel has played a major role in the Steel and Engineering Industry of Iran. For instance, there is Negar Tower thriving to be the tallest tower of Iran. Part of its components is Alubond u.s.a Aluminum Composite Panel as approved by its builders, Behzad Atabaki Architect Urban Designer, one of the powerful force in Iran Construction Industry. Also they preferred Alubond u.s.a. Aluminum Composite Panel in their project: Kish Venus, twin towers in Iran. Another superstructure that signify the prominent world class recognition of Alubond u.s.a. Aluminum Composite Panels.


Egypt Airport

HIGGS & HILL LLC, one of the biggest Licensee Consultant in Egypt, has qualified Alubond u.s.a. Aluminum Composite Panel for their project: New Terminal at Sharm El Sheikh Airport, Egypt. Around 26,000 m2 of Alubond u.s.a.Aluminum Composite Panel is expected to be produced and supplied by U.A.E. plant to support the construction of this new State of the Art project.


Mumbai Airport Refurbishment

The Mumbai Airport Management and its builders have entailed the installation of Alubond u.s.a. Aluminum Composite Panel for their latest renovation project. This signifies that Alubond u.s.a. Aluminum Composite Panel has the highest quality that can be espoused by Indian Market.



240 Petrol Stations of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Alubond ACP is parallel to Industrial growth of KSA market. Hummam Attar Construction & Theming Corporation, prominent Consultants & Architects in KSA have certified and confirmed Alubond us.a. ACP for its high quality and its suitability for their construction of 240 Petrol Stations in the Region. They also recommended the application of Alubond u.s.a. ACP to similar petrol stations cladding works in other countries, World Wide.

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