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Alubond U.S.A Aluminum Composite Panels
Alubond U.S.A is the brand name for the new technology Aluminum Composite Building Panel from American Building Technologies, Illinois, U.S.A.The panel is a composite consisting of two layers of aluminum skin sandwiching a thermoplastic core in a continuous co-extrusion process. This new generation technology of mechanical and chemical bonding gives Alubond Panels an exceptional bond integrity. The outer aluminum skin for exterior grade Alubond U.S.A Panels is coated with PVDF Kynar 500 fluorocarbon coatings. The lower aluminum skin is chromate treated and polyester coated.

Kynar 500 Coating
Epoxy Resin Primer Chromate Treatment
Aluminum Skin
P.E. or fire rated mineral core 3 mm
Aluminum Skin
Epoxy Resin Primer
Service Coat

Lightweight, extreme rigidity and flatness resulting in an economical option for high quality building facades and interior claddings

Weather resistance combined with high acoustics, Thermal and Fire rated values.

Choice of Solid, Metallic, Granite, Veneer and Chameleon colors makes Alubond an Architect's dream choice for Interior and exterior facade's treatment.

Easy mach inability gives the flexibility of shapes making it a versatile panel to achieve complex designer solutions.
Standard Width     : 1220 mm
Aviailable Widths    : 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm, 1550 mm
Standard Length    : 2440 mm
Available Lengths   : Any length up to 4800 mm
Thickness             : 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm
Alubond U.S.A - Lite Display Aluminum  Composite Panels


Alubond-Lite u.s.a is a specialised display aluminium composite panel developed for corporate identity signages and display applications. It consists of two layers of aluminium skins in varying gloss levels of 30 to 80% sandwiching a Polyethylene or fire rated core. The top surface is coated in stove enameled structural lacquering system and back surface has a mill finish or stove lacqured polyester lacquering system. The unique feature of Alubond-Lite u.s.a is the Double Color Combo Series. This has a standard range of two sided paint finishes in Red - Yellow, Green - Blue, Ivory - Black. Also custom ordered double sided colored panels can be supplied.

The product carries the ISO 9001 Quality certification and tested to ASTM, DIN and BS Certifications from reputed international laboratories of U.K., Germany and U.S.A
Alubond U.S.A - FR Fire Rated Composite Panels

World's Largest Aluminum Composite Panel

The firerated aluminium composite panel is a new composite material skinned with coated aluminium alloy sheets and cored with non-combustible mineral. It has excellent fire resistance compared to normal aluminium compostie panel.

It confirms to German standard DIN4102. Grade A-2. It is a kind of environmentally friendly building material that offers excellent fire resistance and minimal gas generation when burnt. Alubond FR with improved non-combustible minaral core is now under testing for DIN - Germany A1 grade and also Russian A- level certifications.

Alubond u.s.a. FR Aluminium Composite Panels which carries the Warrington Fire Research U.K. certificates of BS 476:Part 6: 1989 and BS 476: Part 7 : 1997 has proved its fire rating qualities by withstanding one of the biggest fires seen in the Middle East on 9 th September 2005. Oasis Center a very popular shopping mall was burnt to ashes with an estimated damages of over 300 Million USD. Onlookers stated that the building was like a volcano normally seen in the movies. Amidst all the fire and ruins there was one product Alubond FR which stood tall and what seemed like a miracle came out of the fire literally unscathed and without damage. This perhaps was a major factor in saving lives of the hundreds of people working in the Mall. There were zero casualties as per the reports!
Thermal Conductance                        5.79 Btu/hr.ft2.0F 32.9 W/m2.0 K)             ASTM C 518             Architectural Testing USA
Tensile Strength                               5, 408 psi (37.3 MPa)                                ASTM D 638              Architectural Testing USA
Yield Strength Elongation                   3, 737 psi (25.8 MPa) 6.1%                       ASTM D 638              Architectural Testing USA
Deflection Temprature Under Load      2110 C (411.80 F)                                    ASTM D 648              Architectural Testing USA
Coefficient of Linear                          2.02 x 10-5 mm/mm0 C
Thermal Expansion                            1.12 x 10-5 in./in0 F)                                ASTM D 696              Architectural Testing USA
Impact Resistance                             4092 psi (28.2 MPa)                                 ASTM D 732              Architectural Testing USA
Toxicity                                            Within Acceptable Limits                           TCLP                        Architectural Testing USA
Color Change at -200 C                      No Visible Change                                     ATI, York USA           Architectural Testing USA
Color Change at 800 C                       No Visible Change                                     ATI, York USA           Architectural Testing USA
Delaminating at -200 C                       No Delamination                                       ATI, York USA           Architectural Testing USA
Delaminating at 800 C                        No Delamination                                       ATI, York USA           Architectural Testing USA

  one part
  Neutral Curing and of medium modules
  Non-corrosive to metal, coated glass, concrete and marble
  Excellent weather resistance, such as ultraviolet, ozone and water etc.
  Excellent Fire Resistance
  Excellent adhesion to most building substrates, usually no additional prime required
  Good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants.
  Installation of doors and windows and glazing
  Joint seal of aluminium materials and visible or semi
  Visible glass frame
  Joint Seal of metal structure
  Film decoration and car sealed
  300 ML PE Tube
  590 ml Aluminium foil tube

  Can be storage 9 months under cool and dry conditions below 27 Deg. C
  Non dangerous, transported either by truck, train, ship or plane
  Not applicable to structural seal
  Not applicable to substrates oozing grease, plasticizer or solvent
  Not Applicable to wind-tight areas as water vapor in air required to cross-link
  Not applicable to substrates being frosted or wet
  Not applicable under temperatures below 4 Deg. C or above 40 Deg. C
ABTI Ventilated sub structure system with Aluminum Composite Panel and insulation creates a natural ventilation reducing the amount of heat absorption in a building resulting in substructural energy savings. The Easy Hook On system allows for panel installation at 400 times faster than conventional systems and makes it a “DEFORMATION FREE FACADE”
  High Quality flat façade (no buckling or deformation). Complete design freedom for curved or complex shapes
  High thermal efficiency resulting in energy saving
  Extremly quick and simple fabrication and installation
  Silicon free joints with homogeneous groves
  Insulation and air gap design prevent moisture penetration and condensation
  High fire rating standards
  Compatible for Solar generation facade.
  Improved sound insulation properties

Photovoltaic (PV) devices have been in existence for several years and the electricity generated by them has been costly in comparison to conventional energy. This problem has been compounded by the shortage of solar grade Silicon which has become expensive.

A solution to this problem was found by developing specialized solar PV reflectors which enable the solar radiation to be concentrated onto a smaller geometric area of Silicon. Using concentrator technology requires a significantly smaller area of costly Silicon while still producing the desired level of power.

The Alubond PV Booster Mirror is a innovative patented technology which reflects the Sun’s radiation and concentrates it to the silicon wafer channeling it onto a PV Panel which increases their electrical output, while protecting it from the burnout effect which is a serious and frequent issue with PV panel concentrators that end up reducing the life of the device.

Alubond PV Booster Mirror provides cumulative effect on the photovoltaic panel which will enhance the power output without comprising the durability of the PV Panel.

Alubond UV Protection

Alubond PV Booster Mirror is a reflective metal mirror for photovoltaic (PV) devices which increases the electrical output of the PV panel and cuts out the UV range of radiations in the solar spectrum that cause panel ageing and overheating as shown in figure 1 & 2.

The new surface maintains high uniform reflectivity at visible and NIR wavelength.
Alubond PVBooster Mirror Applications
Hydrophilic Effect
Alubond PV Booster Mirror have special innovative coating which uses Hydrophilic Principle in which the physical property of a molecule repels from a mass of water. This was observed when water was placed on the Alubond PV Booster Mirror, water did not form droplets but instead fully wets the mirrors to have self cleaning effects.

To study the effect of this aspect on solar system performance, samples were mounted on a rack outside on a clear night. The next morning, observations were made. As shown in the picture, Alubond PV Booster Mirror hydrophilic samples appeared to be visually clear.
Alubond Solar Collector Mirror

Alubond Solar Collector Mirror (ASCM) is a result of pioneering research in metal composite technology. Alubond USA brings this innovation to CSP and CPV systems that is superior to the conventional glass mirror technology being currently used which is heavy, expensive and highly breakable.

The ASCM is a unique worldwide patented composite panel, sandwiching a high durable exterior grade core between two layers of metal skin. the ASCM is light weight, features phenomenal flatness which retains its shape and comes with low maintenance. This translates in to easier handling, packaging and shipping.

The ASCM requires minimum support structure assembly thereby maximizing ease of installation and fabrication. This results in cost saving in assembly of solar units.

ASCM is designed to provide high reflectivity along with rigidity to take and retain parabolic shapes. ASCM’s have high reflectance ranging from 91% to 95%, strong weather and corrosion resistance, longevity and adhesion properties that provide an advanced alternative to the glass mirror technology.

Alubond Solar Collector Mirrors (ASCM) are the new generation multilayered metal and plastic composite panels.
Alubond U.S.A Green Aluminum Composite Panels
Alubond Green has been verified and cleared by MASDAR Supply Chain Experts to be “ Fully Compliant” as a product supplier for the MASDAR City Project. Undergoing the extensive evaluation and high eco standards set by MASDAR, Alubond Green has been given the green signal of compliance.

Alubond Green is a Eco Friendly Post Consumer Recycled Content Façade that targets minimizing carbon footprint through reduction of emissions and energy consumption in its overall Product Life Cycle.