Alubond Europe Commences Production
The production team is seen along with the
joint venture partners Shaji Ul Mulk of Mulk Holdings & Miki Krsanin of Tehnomarket
Alubond Europe, the European production facility for Alubond u.s.a has commenced production in October 2009 with an annual production capacity of 2 million square meters. This facility will cater to the markets of Europe and Russia.
  Alubond Europe Signs Dosting as Distributor for Czech Republic and Slovak Republic  
Alubond u.s.a will now add Belgrade, known as the city of the future in southern Europe to its list of production facilities. Miki Krsanin Miroljub of Tehnomarket and his vibrant Alubond team is excited of the prospects of alubond u.s.a being produced in Europe. The new plant will be able to produce upto 1575 mm width with a production capacity of 2 million m2 per annum. The production plant will be a joint venture of Tehnomarket and American Building Teechnologies Inc., U.S.A catering to the markets of Western & Eastern Europe and Russia.

Alubond-Europe exhibited its range of products in the recently conducted exhibition in Belgrade Yugoslavia. Miki Krsanin with his dynamic team had an extremely satisfying response from the visitors.
Mr. Miki Krsanin Miroljub with
Alubond u.s.a Europe Team
Alubond u.s.a
Belgrade Exhibition Stand
Alubond u.s.a
Production Faclity in Europe

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