A.C.M Industries Limited, United Kingdom

A.C.M Industries Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marco Industries Ltd, which has been trading since October 1992 as a fabricator of Decorative Claddings here in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Marco has fabricated many 1000s of square metres of ACM materials on behalf of other manufacturers over this period. The Alubond USA range of internal finishes have never been seen in ACM material here in the UK before and it will give us a wonderful opportunity of moving to the internal market place which in the past has eluded us. We are delighted to be associated with Alubond and look forward to a prosperous future together Скачать клип vostok retro.

Maurice Martin - General Manager

Tehnomarket, Serbia

"TEHNOMARKET" Ltd. Founded in 1990 is headquartered in Pancevo, close to Belgrade. Recently there are one hundred twenty of us in Tehnomarket capable to fit the most complicated tasks in Architectural aluminum and ALUBONDU.S.A Composite Panels. We own 3700 m2 of a modern workspace and the land space in property for the next 5000 m2 to build up. As a member ALUBONDU.S.A team we are going to offer good technical support and reliability to local Fabricators as well as to be a steady source of information's to Architectural community, Contractors and Investors.

Krsanin Miroljub - General Manager

Enyap Industries - Turkey

By means of the excellent quality of Alubond u.s.a aluminium composite panels, Senyuva Aluminium & Facade Systems Company and Enyap Industrial Construction Materials Marketing Co., whether in the application of peculiar architectural designs following system research developments troughout the world, also with highly developed technologies set forth by our own design and research teams, particularly with an excellent thermal and acoustic isolation and normative wind and waterproof aluminium systems is a settlement that guarantees the proper (10 years system guarantee on aluminium, painting, accesories and isolation) production-assembling and provides the high quality certificate.

Taskin Kose - General Coordinator

Hummam Attar Construction & Theming Corporation - Saudi Arabia

Hummam Attar Construction Corporation established in the year 9/3/1407 by Hummam Ahmed Attar started off by specializing in general civil construction, amusement park & FEC Theming, Architectural Signage and related construction activities.

As a new member of Alubondu.s.a global distribution team, the company has demonstrated a spectacular growth in the aluminium composite panel industry and booked their entire yearly target in the first three months! Alubondu.s.a is well placed to become the no:1 brand in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Eng. Hummam Ahmed Attar - General Manager

Viethomeland, Vietnam

Viethomeland is one of the top leading companies in supplying aluminum composite panels in Vietnam. Being a sole distributor of Alubond U.S.A is successful. It opens Viethomeland a big turning point. Viethomeland with present teamwork will rise up to a new level and development strategy with AlubondU.S.A products (American and European Standards). Viethomeland makes a target as the biggest, the most reliable distributor of AlubondU.S.A in Vietnam. We strongly believe that Alubond U.S.A will develop and gain the market here soon.

Tran Trong Tuan - General Director

Alubond De Mexico SA de CV, Mexico - Central America

Alubond De Mexico SA de CV has been formed with an exclusive focus on marketing Alubond USA Aluminum Composite Panels in Mexico and Central America. We are proud to be associated with Alubond USA and it has given us a competitive edge over other ACM due to its high quality, range and economical pricing.

Antonio Leopoldo Alessi Gnoato - General Manager

DS Engineering & Trading (Pvt. Ltd) - Sri Lanka
Only one brand of aluminium composite panel was dominating in the market seven years ago. Today 20 brands are available in Sri Lankan market and among them ALUBONBu.s.a is one of the newest brand introduced by us in the market with in a short period of seven months. ALUBONDu.s.a managed to dominate the market beating lots of main brands. Within a short period we have completed almost ten projects by ALUBONDu.s.a and on going three. Being a developing country, Sri Lanka has a great demand for composite panel for new and old buildings. This became a new trend of infrastructure. Therefore ALUBONDu.s.a managed to build its image as a quality and competitive product with the name of the country of origin. Our main intention is to become no 1 in the Sri Lankan market and we seek the fullest corporation from ALUBONDu.s.a to achieve that task.

Duminda Munasinge - CEO
Alubond India International - India

Launched couple of years back the Alubondu.s.a aluminium composite panel, has become the most sought and competitive brand in Indian market. Apart from having presence in more than 20 countries the Alubond Panel being the manufacturing of American Building Technology Inc, USA a ISO 9001 co, is certified and tested as per the ASTM, DIN and BIS standard. This accounts the reliability of PVDF coating, the bonding strength and thermal & sound insulation characteristics of Alubond and enabled the Alubond to stand unique in the market as far the quality and service is concerned. The genuinity and credibility of the products emanates from the fact that we have done more than 40 big reputed projects in India concerning acclaimed corporates & builders covering mulitiplexes, corporate offices, shopping malls, the petrol stations and other signage and decorative purposes. Moreover to this date we have almost 20 projects in hand where Alubond being approved.

Abu Mohammed - Director

Panel General Trading Company - Iran

We began our co-operation with ALUBOND USA since 2003. We have succeeded to become the first importer of ACP to Iran from quantitative viewpoint. The quality of Alubond has been studied and comapred in different projects and we have been the pioneer everywhere. We have carried out several projects in Iran, the photos of which you may see in this site. Having technical assistant of ALUBOND U.S.A., we have been ale to establish an engineering company for installing and implementing it in the name of ALUMGOSTAR CO., which has several projects in hand now. Considering the diversity of colour and texture of Alubond, it could be said that ALUBOND U.S.A. is one of the best ACP choice, which has been able to make the dreams of Iranian architect come true. Major corporations have one definitive objective, that is according their style with the needs of people and ALUBOND U.S.A. have achieved this important goal.

Haji Bagher - General Manager

Zhackson Khandadash & Daryoush Sayyahfar Trading Co.- Shiraz - Iran
We have witnessed the rapid growth of Alubond u.s.a along side with the ever-growing Steel and Engineering market of Iran. Our Client’s tenders for Alubond u.s.a as preferred A.C.P. are currently at its peak. At present, we have several projects that are lined up and under implementation which require around 200,000 m2 of Alubond u.s.a. A.C.P. The high demand for the product is due to its exceptional bond integrity and high quality which is approved by International Standards. All these have entailed us to conceptualize a vision that aims Alubond u.s.a to be the address of Experts in Iran Building Market and will be espoused by its users as a Generic Brand name for Aluminum Composite Panels akin to how consumers adopt the name” Xerox as photocopy”.
Daryoush Sayahfar Zhackson Bhandadash
Aluminium Products Corporation, Pakistan
Considering the high quality, unique and innovative feature of Alubond u.s.a, we committed ourselves to introduce this product to Pakistan market a year ago and we are fully satisfied with the results. Some of the main factors of rapid demand for Alubond u.s.a. A.C.P. in our region is the fact that it is an economical and advance option of the most Building Experts for their high quality facades and interior claddings and runs up to 10 to 15 years warranty which is the focal point in most tenders and also a requirement in International Standard Construction Review. “ For the state-of-the-art Aluminum Composite Panel, Alubond u.s.a is our testament.”

Vohra- Managing Partner

Technical S.A.R.L - Lebanon

Technical S.A.R.L is an innovative Lebanese Aluminium Contractor operating in Lebanon for over 15 years. Technical S.A.R.L is aluminium specialists in the area of metal cladding, windows, doors, partitions, screens, balustrade and decorative aluminium works. Technical S.A.R.L has had the opportunity of using Alubond u.s.a Aluminium Composite Panels in the following projects in Lebanon: Misto Center (Saslik, Jounieh), Lapin Friends Shop ( Concorde Center, Beirut), Twin Towers Entrance ( Verdun Street, Beirut), United Colors of Benetton ( Beirut) and Washington Suites( Manarah, Beirut), Najjar Hospital etc.

Technical S.A.R.L takes pride in bringing superior serive and high quality products couples with cost effective solutions for our clients and are thus proud to be the sole distributor for Alubond u.s.a in Lebanon.

Technical S.A.R.L.

Hachem Masri
Managing Partner

Toufic Zaatari
Managing Partner

Hameed International - Russia
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