The Alubond Solar Collector Panel was submitted to the Southwest Research Institute for certification as a solar panel material and was labeled as simple “B” for evaluation of its reflectance (%R) properties of its anodized mirror surface. Below are the findings:

Reflectance analysis of sample “B” consisted of the following determinations:

(1) Total reflectance
(2) Specular reflectance
(3) Visible reflectance
(4) Solar reflectance

Curve Smoothed Spectra: The total, specular, visible, and solar reflectance spectrums were curve smoothed using a IS- point moving average.

Figure 1 shows the total reflectance spectrum after curve smoothing.

Figure 2. Shows the sample “B” corrected specular reflectance spectrum after curve smoothing.

The visible reflectance spectrum of Sample “B” taken from the corrected total reflectance spectrum after curve smoothing is shown in Figure 2.
Figure3. shows the total reflectance spectrum for Sample “B” when using the uncertified mirror as the background scan.
The 50 selected ordinate solar reflectance spectrum after spectral on correction is shown in Figure 4.

The calculated direct normal irradiance solar reflectance from the integral equation is 91.4 %R

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