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Alumetal u.s.a Futuristic Ceiling Systems is the latest product launch of American Building Technologies Inc., Denver Colorado, U.S.A. The ever-growing market requirement of an aluminum ceiling system that stands out from the rest has been the primary factor in introducing Alumetal u.s.a Ceilings. The challenge of providing an elegant and functional ceiling system with designer looks and high performance at an economical value has been made possible by the acquirement of state of the art

technology and fresh ideas of a youthful designer team. The result has been an amazing array of 40 exceptional design patterns. Patterns have been achieved by perforations giving the system a high level of acoustic performance. Alumetal u.s.a has been tested for sound attenuation and acoustic performance in independent international labs and test reports are provided upon request."An architect's dream has finally come true!"Alumetal u.s.a Futuristic Ceiling Systems is the latest product launch of American Building Technologies Inc., Denver Colorado, U.S.A

Alumetal u.s.a CEILING RANGE

Alumetal u.s.a Futuristic Ceiling Systems is currently available in Clip-in Panel System and Exposed Grid Panel System. The option of perforated and plain patterns offer an attractive monolithic ceiling appearance with a design freedom. Alumetal u.s.a is available in Stove enameled as well as Powder coated finishes. The system can be supplied in custom made colors both in metallic and solid colors. The ceiling panels are available in standard 600x600mm as well as 300x300mm dimensions. Specialty access panels are designed to be integrated for easy access to services and a range of lighting accessories compliment the Alumetal u.s.a Ceiling System to make it a complete ceiling solution. The wide range of 40 patterns makes it an Architect's dream to provide designer ceilings at an economical cost.


The face of Alubond aluminium honeycomb panel is coated with PVDF coatings or polyester coatings according to the AAMA and ECCA standard. The color range is similar to aluminium composite panel and custom color can also be chosen. The aluminium honeycomb panel used for outdoor should be coated with PVDF coating for high characteristics of anti-weather, anti-ultraviolet, anti-humidity and anti-pollution.

The Alubond aluminium, honeycomb panel can be used within-40°C~+85°C. On custom orders panels which can resist the temperature over 100°C can also be produced.

The Alubond aluminium honeycomb panel uses adhesion with high tenacity so that it achieves special processing features with it such as cutting, milling, bending, rolling etc.

Curtain wall, bulkheads, cabin linings, partitions, doors, furniture, ceilings etc.

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