Alubond U.S.A
  • The Brand History

    An Astounding Growth Story

    Alubond U.S.A is branded in U.S.A and World Wide by American Building Technologies INC located in Rockford Illinois and in U.A.E by Eurocon Building Industries (A group company of Mulk Holdings). Under a 2004 sale agreement between ABTI and Mulk Holdings, The Brand and manufacturing rights were sold for exclusive use to Mulk Holdings U.A.E. Mulk Holdings currently holds worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights of Alubond U.S.A brand World Wide. The Growth Story Started with a major expansion plan in U.A.E with three production bases of 6 lines and One Coil Coating Line making The Facility today perhaps the largest Single Production Base in The World with over 8 Million Square Meters of Production Capacity. In a strategic expansion plan, Mulk Holdings established Alubond Europe in Serbia, with a 2 million m² capacity. This facility is focused to cater to the established European market of 40 countries with Russia and other nearby countries. European Clients of Alubond U.S.A will benefit with close proximity and EURO ONE certification of the facility and be able to take advantage of Serbia’s Free Trade agreement policies with these markets. In a major expansion plan of 2010, Mulk Holdings signed a Joint Venture agreement with DAC Systems India to launch Alubond DACS India Ltd to cater to India and Australasia Markets. The New Facility will have two High Speed ACP Production Lines as well as one fully automated state of The ART Coil Coating Line with an initial production capacity of 3 million m2 and planned to ramp up to 5 million m². A state of the art High Speed coil Coating Facility suitable for both ACP and Solid Aluminium coating upto 2mm thickness is also being established in Sri Lanka as part of MULK ENPAR Investments. The New Production bases in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia will increase the installed production capacity of metal composite Panels by June 2012 to over 15,000,000m² and coil coating capacity to over 20,000 tons per anum making Alubond U.S.A The World’s Largest Metal Composite Brand!
  • Company

    American Building Technology Inc

    American Building Technology Inc. is established with its head office in Rockford, Illinois, U.S.A and additional production bases in Europe, Middel East and India has a primary focus on manufacturing and marketing of Metal Composite Panels. Panels are marketed under the U.S registered trade mark brand name of ALUBOND U.S.A. With New Production bases coming up in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia. Alubond's new installed production capacity of metal composite Panels by June 2012 will be more than 15,000,000m² and coil coating capacity to over 20,000 tons per anum making Alubond U.S.A arguably The World’s Largest Metal Composite Brand! The company has also added Solid PVDF coated aluminium panels, Honeycomb core PVDF coated aluminium Panels, Alubond-Lite signage panels. The strong R&D efforts have resulted in the development of new patented technologies for innovative applications in Acoustics, Solar and BIPV Market Segments. The Product holds Test Certifications from International labs and tested as per ASTM, BS, EN, DIN, SWISS, and INDIAN Standards and certified as per ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 Standards. Alubond U.S.A is internationally registered in many countries including U.A.E. The U.A.E brand of Alubond U.S.A is certified as a Made in U.A.E Product and enjoys Arab League certification enabling the brand to enjoy Free Trade Agreement benefits amongst the Arab League Countries. The Free Trade agreements of ARAB LEAGUE, ASEAN and Russia’s friendly Trade Policies with Serbia give Alubond a unique strategic advantage of supplying to global markets without or minimal import duties. Our company's aim is to produce top quality product with superior services and this single minded objective has propelled Alubond as one of the major international brands with the following Unique Selling points.
    1. Technically the most superior Fire Rated Aluminium Composite Panel with World's Highest Rating in Deflection to Heat, Fire Penetration of a Wall Assembly and Delamination Strength.
    2. World's First Green Composite Panel with over 90% Recycled Content making it eligible for Leeds Certified Buildings.
    3. World's First Solar Grade Composite Metal Mirror replacing Glass at a commercial Level in various Soalr Projects.
    4. World's First Inventor and Patent Holder of Low Concentration Mirror Composite Panel increasing Power output of Solar PhotoVoltaic Panels by over 20%.
    5. World's First Inventor and Patent Holder of Acoustic Metal Composites replacing coated Steel in all Generator SETS and Machine Room Applications.
    6. Strategic Production bases in Middle East, Serbia and Srilanka with EURO ONE, ASEAN AND ARAB LEAGUE certifications provides an opportunity to import Product without or minimal import duties in more than 80 countries world wide.
    7. Only Composite Metal manufacturer to provide a Complete ONE STOP Turnkey Solution from Design to implementation of Projects.