Alubond U.S.A FAQ

What is ACP or ACM?

ACP is an Aluminum composite Panel also known as ACM Aluminum Composite Material. This is a sandwich panel of two aluminum skins bonded to an extruded core of either Polyethylene or mineral core.

What is the core between the two aluminum skins? Is there a difference between the core for standard Alubond u.s.a and
Alubond u.s.a FR?

Polyethylene also described in short as (PE) is the core material used for standard Alubond u.s.a ACP. It is a petroleum based product with proven exterior and interior weather resistance properties. It also contributes to the strength, flexibility and stability of ACP.

FR core is a non-combustible mineral core used mainly in the fire rated ACP described as Alubond u.s.a FR which is tested to BS 476 Part 6 & Part 7, ASTM (Report No.: 01-45686.01 & 01-45686.02), DIN/EN Standards (DIN EN ISO 11925-2, EN 13501-1, DIN EN 13501-1, DIN EN ISO 11925-2, DIN EN ISO 1716) and offer superior Fire ratings.

What are the standard dimensions and thickness of ACP in Alubond?

Alubond is produced for interior and exterior grade from 1 mm to 6 mm thickness. Standard dimensions are in 1250mm width and non standard widths are 1000mm and 1500mm. Lengths are as per order.

4. What is the skin thickness available?

Standard skin thickness for exterior grade are premium quality 0.5mm thickness and economy 0.3mm. Interior grade starts from 0.06 to 0.5mm.

5. What are the different coatings available?

Alubond u.s.a. has specialized coatings for Exterior and Interior Grade.

Exterior Grade Coating :

PVDF – Poly Vinyldene Difluoride coating with minimum 70% content PVDF resin.

  • PVDF Stone series and wood series which involves printing of textures and coating with PVDF resins.
  • Alubond PET film which involves printing of UV stable PET films.
  • Alubond Stainless Steel in Hair line and High Mirror finishes in 316 and 304 grade with SS skin both sides

Interior Grade Coating :

Polyester coating for Metallic and Solid colors.

  • PET Films without UV stability for interior use.
  • Stainless Steel Finishes in High Mirror and Hairline Brushed 304 grade with SS skin outside and aluminum skin inside.
  • Anodized Aluminum in High Mirror and Hairline brushed finishes.
What are the applications of ACP?

Alubond u.s.a. Aluminium Composite Panel has many applications in Construction Industry, Interior fit-out, Shop fronts and Signage, Exhibition and Display Stands and many other applications. Understanding of the product range and flexibility is the key to the limits of the architect’s imagination.

Construction Industry

Alubond u.s.a. Aluminium Composite Panel is commonly used in Facade cladding in various construction projects like Airports, Multi Storey Towers, Large Space Showrooms and Petrol Stations.

Interior Fit-outs, Exhibitions & Display Stands

The flatness, durability, flexibility and range of finishes make Alubond an exciting material to be used for complex, shaped partitions and custom designed Ceilings. It is also commonly used in designing Exhibition Stands where imaginative designs in vibrant colors and the easy installation and demonstrability are pre-requisites.

Shop fronts and Signage

Alubond custom made, Alubond 3D CAM CNC equipment can be of working on ACP, SS, Plastic and Wood has taken Alubond into new levels of creativity. A combination of above materials including cutting of grills, letters to custom shape and inlay it into backlighted panels makes Alubond the new technology material for signages, Corporate identity programs, Exhibitions and Display Stands.

Other Applications

 Other Applications include Truck Bodies, Door panels and Frames, Wall, Ceilings & Murals, etc.

How is ACP fixed on concrete, steel, timber?

 Typical fixing details in various systems can be down loaded from our website under section home page download Centre / fixing details.

What shapes can be achieved in Alubond?

Alubond can be made into standard trays and rolled into circular columns. The use of CNC Equipment enables ACP to be cut into Grills and other two dimensional shapes.

How is Alubond u.s.a antibacterial and termite resistant

Alubond uses either LDPE or Mineral Core which are both antibacterial and termite resistant. As such Alubond can be used in Clean Room areas in Hospital and other hygiene demanding structures.

How is the fire rating of Alubond?

Alubond u.s.a. fire rated panel called Alubond u.s.a FR has been successfully tested to ASTM, BS, Sicherheits Institute – Switzerland, DIN 4102 standards. Also as per ASTM D648 Deflection Temperature of 211°C has been achieved by Alubond u.s.a which is one of the highest fire rating standards in the world?

What is the origin of Alubond u.s.a and production bases?

Alubond u.s.a. ACP is an American product branded and registered by American Building Technologies Inc., Chicago IL, U.S.A. The production bases are present Denver U.S.A, Guadalajara – Mexico, & Ajman – U.A.E.

What are the international project references?

Project gallery in our website lists images of some of the major projects around the world. Also a more detailed list can be downloaded under the same section.

Who are the competitive brands?

Alubond u.s.a. Aluminium Composite Panels normally competes with Major International Products Alpolic – Japan, Alucobond – Germany and Reynobond – U.S.A.

What is the warranty of Alubond?

All panels supplied on the project shall be warranted for a period of 10 years by the parent company American Building Technologies Inc., Denver U.S.A. as well as their world wide distributor Eurocon Building Industries, Ajman, U.A.E. as per the standard Product Warranty which can be downloaded from our website under section Technical Data / Warranty and Tolerances.

What are the product tolerances?

Thickness of Panel: ± 0.2 mm
Thickness of skin: ± 0.05 mm
Bow: ± 0.8% of length
Squareness : ± 0.5%of length
Dimension in sizes : ± 2 mm
Color difference between different batches : ± 2 NBS Units

How is Alubond packed for export orders?

In strong wooden crates with normal loading of approx 150 sheets per box. Custom made packing is also catered to at additional costs. Packing images can be viewed from our website under section Technical Data / packing standards.

Color range?

Alubond has standard color range of 30 colors. Another 15 pre selected colors normally can be color matched from RAL and Pantone color series.

Can Alubond supply fabricated panels and mounting accessories?

Yes Alubond can supply fabricated panels and mounting accessories.

What are the delivery periods?

Alubond delivery for standard colors and width (1220 mm) in stock normally is 4 weeks Ex-factory plus sailing time. For Non-standard color and width (1000, 1250, 1500 & 1550 mm) delivery will be 6-8 weeks Ex-factory plus sailing time. For availability of stock, client can get up to date information from our website under section “stocks update”.

20. What is The Distribution network of Alubond?

Alubond is represented in United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Vietnam , Serbia, croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia , West Indies, Philipines, Afghanistan, South Korea and Singapore.

Where are the sales offices and addresses of Alubond network?

Alubond has offices in U.S.A., Europe, India, Mexico and U.A.E as per the following contact details:

United States of America :

American Building Technologies Inc.
1918 Eden Place, Rockford
61107 Illinois , U.S.A
Tel.: (720) 904-9180
Fax: (720) 596-5070
Contact Person : Robert Gustafson/ Salman Mohiuddin
Cell # 001 847 477 2912

Europe :

Tehnomarket Aluminium Extrusion

Novoseljanski put 40,
26000, Pancevo
Serbia and Montenegro
Tel./Fax: 381 13317293 / 13347053 / 13314712 /

Contact Person: Mr. Krsanin Miroljub / Ms. Vesna Cvoro

India Sales

M/s American Building Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Sagar Tech Plaza ,
Andheri – Kurla Road,
Sakinaka, Andheri (E),
Mumbai – 400 072, India
Tel. No.: 009122 28509762 / 28509764
Fax No.: 009122 28506861 /
Contact person: Mr. Chandra Mohan / Sudhir Inamdar
Cell: 0091 9892267016 Cell: 0091 9322843881

M/s American Building Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Municipal No. 12-2-831/9/1
Shop No. 202/A, 2 nd Floor,
Meraj Complex, Mehdipatnam,
Hyderabad , India
Tel.: 0091 40 55982247
E-Mail: /
Contact person: Mr.M.A.Rahman

M/s American Building Technologies Pvt. Ltd
No. 21, Alexandra Street,
Richmond Town ,
Bangalore – 560 025
Karnataka , India
Tel / fax.: 0091 80 22237559

Contact person: Mr. Masood Khan
Cell: 0091 9845547886

Mexico & South America
Alubond de México S.A. de C.V.
Buenos Aires #2570 Int. 5
Col. Providencia, CP 44630
Guadalajara, Jalisco México
Tel / Fax 52-(33) 3817-2050
E-mail :>

Contact Person: Mr. Antonio Leopoldo Alessi Gnoato
Cell: 0052 33 3170-7772

United Arab Emirates

Eurocon Building Industries
P.O.Box: 4819,
Ajman , U.A.E.
Tel.: 00971 6 7441450
Fax: 00971 6 7425196

Contact Person: Shaji Ul Mulk
Cell # +971 50 6345426

How is the ordering process?

Alubond u.s.a normally sells through a dedicated net work of our Distributors appointed around the world and all enquiries received in any of the Alubond offices in U.S.A., Mexico, Europe, India or U.A.E. are routed through the relevant distributors. Eurocon Building Industries is the world wide agent and majority stake partners authorized to appoint distributor for Alubond range of products around the world. All financial and logistics dealings of Distributors is done through Eurocon Building Industries only.

Eurocon Building Industries
P.O.Box: 4819,
Ajman , U.A.E.
Tel.: 00971 6 7441450
Fax: 00971 6 7425196

Contact Person: Shaji Ul Mulk
Cell # +971 50 6345426

Minimum Order Quantity: The minimum order quantity is normally 600 m2 per specification. However subject to agreement of Eurocon this quantity can be reduced if stocks are available or similar color is in the production plant.

What are the payment terms?

Standard payment terms for Distributors are 20% advance on order and balance on delivery either to Irrevocable L/C at site or cash against documents. For new customers payment terms is 100% in advance by T/T into one of the following bank accounts.


P.O.Box 3306, Dubai, U.A.E.
Fax: 00971-4-2284211
Account Name : Eurocon Building Industries (F.Z.E.)
Account Number : 20311-105-388854
Swift No. : HBZUAEAD


P.O.Box 25090, Sharjah, U.A.E.
Account Name : Eurocon Building Industries(F.Z.E.)
Account Number : 0023 744438 001

P.O.Box 1843, Ajman, U.A.E.
Account Name: Eurocon Building Industries (F.Z.E.)
Account No. : 263981020001
Swift No. : ADCBAEAAA037

King Faizal Road, Sharjah, U.A.E.
Account Name: Eurocon Building Industries (F.Z.E.)
Account No. : 040 – 145310 – 100
Swift No. : BBMEAEAD

P.O.Box 29779, Dubai, U.A.E
Account Name: Eurocon Building Industries (F.Z.E.)

Account Number: 200026720
Swift No. : NBFUAEAF

What is the production capacity?

Alubond has a total production capacity of 5 Million square meters per year from different production bases.

What is PVDF, PVDF Stone series, Polyester, Stainless Steel, Anodised aluminum and PET film COATINGS?

PVDF – Poly Vinyldene Difluoride coating with minimum 70% content PVDF resin.

  • Lumiflon or Flouropolymer coatings with PVDF for bright colors with high gloss
  • PVDF Stone series and wood series is an exterior grade coating system which involves printing of textures using exterior grade chemicals and coating with PVDF resins.
  • Alubond exterior grade PET film involves printing of UV stable PET films.
  • Polyester coating for Metallic and Solid colors for interior use.
  • Anodized aluminum is a treatment on aluminum to get High Mirror and Hairline Brushed finish. Recommended for interior use, it is however known to be used for exterior applications in mild weather conditions without failure.
  • Genuine Stainless Steel Composite Aluminum Panels is the new product launch of Alubond. Grade 304 in the standard range and 316 grade is also supplied as per custom made orders.

PET Films are without UV stability for interior use.

.Maintenance and Storage – can be downloaded from our website under section Technical Data / Maintenance and Storage.

Specifications Data - can be down loaded from our website under section Technical Data / specifications.

Can Alubond be used in wet areas?

Alubond is a preferred material to be used in wet areas and new range of finishes in marble, wood and granite allows the designer an innovative usage of Alubond in Luxury Bath Room, Kitchen and other wet areas.

What is the difference between Stainless Steel Composite Panels - Exterior & Interior ?

The exterior grade has stainless steel skins on both sides and as such suitable for expansion and contraction in differential temperatures. The interior grade has aluminum skin on the back and as such is not recommended for exterior use due to unstable behavior in differential temperatures.