Alubond U.S.A - A designer solution for acoustic enclosers

Alubond U.S.A is the brand name for the new technology aluminum composite building Panel from American building technologies, Illinois, USA. The product is also manufactured under license from ABTI in Belgrade by Alubond Europe and in UAE by Eurocon building Industries FZE. The panel is a composite consisting of two layers of aluminum skin sandwiching a acoustic core in a continuous co-extrusion process. This new generation technology of mechanical and chemical bonding gives Alubond panels an exceptional bond integrity.

The outer aluminum skin for exterior grade Alubond U.S.A acoustic panels is coated with PVDF Kynar 500 fluorocarbon, Polyester, UDP Coatings. The lower aluminum skin is chromate treated for anti - corrosion.

We at Alubond USA strive to fulfill the desire of each and every customer by providing the best in external enclosers and thermal covers.

Alubond USA composites is a proven technology since 2000 and was first developed for use in building exteriors and interiors and has a proven track record to have with stood extreme weather conditions. Our R&D department was developed in 2006 and ever since then we have been able to launch 23 different composite with its applications in the field of solar power generation, interiors, acoustic, elevators, etc.

Alubond - Acoustic core

Alubond Acoustic Panels are especially designed to absorb and attenuate sound energy. Low Density Polyethylene characteristics are a function of the acoustic impendence of the material. Acoustic reactance depends largely by the thickness of the product. By increasing the thickness we are also increasing the mass, but our panels are light instead of increasing the mass we are decreasing the density. Thus improves acoustical efficiencies and does not increase the overall weight of the machinery.
Alubond Acoustic Panels apart being good sound absorbing it’s also heat insulating, fire retardant and is very versatile panel to achieve complex designer solutions. Use of LDPE with geometrical cavities improves acoustic insulating without reducing mechanical strength of the panel.

LDPE core along with absorbing sound also include mechanical damping to the vibration of the aluminum composite panels through the contact with the panels. Thus this decreases panel’s mechanical resonances. The result sound absorption is done by the aluminum composite panels itself without vibrating the whole machinery.

The ARAI has conducted a test report on determination of air borne sound transmission loss of Alubond aluminum composite panel. The test report has stated that Alubond Acoustic 3mm thickness aluminum composite panels are capable to absorb one third of octave frequency bands of 125 Hz to 8000 Hz. The sound transmission class (STC) of 3mm thick aluminum composite panel is 25Db.



  • Generator Acoustic Panels
  • Enhanced Visual Appeal
  • Better Noise Control
  • Flexible in design
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Light Weight
  • Fire Resistant
  • Quick to Fabricate

Alubond - Mechanical & Weather resistant properties


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