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Aluminum Composite Panel Technology

An Aluminum Composite Panel products consist of two peripheral layers of aluminum skin sandwiching a non combustible mineral or thermoplastic core, with a PVDF/ PE/ HDPE coating on the top surface. Alubond U.S.A production follows a continuous co extrusion process using inline mechanical and chemical bonding. The production process involves seven key process steps.


Over the years, Alubond U.S.A. has constantly upgraded its production technology to provide value and high quality cladding solutions to its customers. All the Alubond U.S.A. lines are highly automated production lines with minimal scope for human errors. Alubond U.S.A. production lines have a throughput rate at 4.5 Metres per minutes, the fastest in the world. With its new production lines at Sri Lanka and Turkey, Alubond U.S.A. can be produced at an increased width of 1800 mm. A new innovation of twin extruders to bed the core granules has been developed reducing the power consumption of production and hence, benefiting the end customer.


As part of Aluminum Composite Panel production for Alubond USA, the byproduct is aluminum scrap and unused plastic from end sheets. We have developed a complete recycling facility for plastic granules, a prime input component for ACP production. We have developed completely integrated facilities in Oman and Ajman, with a total capacity of 5000 tonnes annually. These production units serve as input feeders for our ACP production lines.

Similarly, Aluminum Coils consist of 70% of our raw material requirements are procured from recycling facilities in different parts of the world like China and also the middle east.

Thus, the extensive use of recycled inputs in our production minimizes the depletion of non renewable materials and increases the long term sustainability of our production endeavors.


Over the years, we have incrementally reduced power requirements in Alubond USA production line. A major instance in this direction is the decision to invest and co develop the double screw extruders for our production line.

Extrusion is a key process in ACP production for converting the input granules (plastic/ mineral) into a uniform bed of central plastic/ mineral core. The step to introduce Twin extruders in our production line was introduced primarily to reduce the energy requirements in the line. With the new double screw extruders, the production capacity in a given time period doubled, with the energy requirement reduced by 25%. This has not only resulted in cost reduction, but reduced the dependence of our line on the installed power capacity.