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ABTI Open Groove Systems

ABTI Open Groove Systems



ABTI open groove systems is a silicon free substructure, ideal for fire rated external cladding systems. It has been tested for high degree Water/ Air Tightness and Structural Stability.

The system is easy to install with empirical results suggesting one third reduction in labor units for installation. The silicon free façade results in a clean and even appearance, with provisions for air and water excesses.

The ABTI open groove systems is equipped with a special draining and water harvesting arrangement, which prevents uneven flow of water on the façade.


ABTI open groove systems come with a complete substructure components kit, consisting of

(1)    Main Profile Chassis – H Shaped

(2)    Supporting Wall Brackets

(3)    Panel Hook Elements

(4)    Anchor Bolts, Self Tapping Screws

(5)    Rivets

(6)    Connecting Profile


Water Harvesting Mechanism

ABTI open groove systems consist of a special Connector element to facilitate water draining through the bottom ends. This prevents moisture leakage in the interiors ands provides aesthetic Appeal during rainy season.Water Harvesting is achieved in an ABTI system by connecting routing profiles to the main chassis/ connector element combo at the bottom end.