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Alubond USA Lite

Alubond USA Lite


Alubond Lite U.S.A is a specialised display aluminium composite panel developed for corporate identity signages and display applications. It consists of two layers of aluminium skins in varying gloss levels of 30 to 80% sandwiching a Polyethylene or fire rated core. The top surface is coated in stove enameled structural lacquering system and back surface has a mill finish or stove lacqured polyester lacquering system. The unique feature of Alubond Lite U.S.A is the Double Color Combo Series. This has a standard range of two sided paint finishes in Red – Yellow, Green – Blue, Ivory – Black. Also custom ordered double sided colored panels can be supplied. The product carries the ISO 9001 Quality certification and tested to ASTM, DIN and BS Certifications from reputed international laboratories of U.K., Germany and U.S.A.

Dual Color Coating

Alubond’s Coil coating line has developed a Dual Color Coating technology. Architects and clients now have a choice of having more than one
color in the same panel to offer coated coils for composite panels, garage doors and roofing industry amongst other applications.
The line’s capability includes a wide range of coatings like PVDF, FEVE, Nano Self Cleaning,
Ultra Durable Polyester, 5 Coat PVDF natural marble and wood series, Anti scratch and Dual Color Coating Systems.


A fully warranted 5 Coat PVDF & Fluropolymer coated Aluminum Composite Panels is now available in natural stone and wood series.
Alubond U.S.A range of PVDF & Fluropoleymer (FEVE) paint systems allows a gloss levels from low matt to high gloss upto 90% can be produced.


Some of the popular Alubond U.S.A. Lite applications are corporate identity programme for Petrol stations, Retail outlets, Interior and Exterior signs, POP Displays, Exhibition Stands, Atm Machines, Channel Letters, Commercial vehicle interior linings and truck bodies, Elevators, Kiosks, Stair wells, Ceiling and Partition panels etc.
Over the years, Alubond u.s.a. Lite has been associated with iconic brands worldwide.

Over the years, Alubond u.s.a. Lite has been associated with iconic brands worldwide.


The Alubond U.S.A ACP panel is resistant to industrial atmospheres and is self-cleansing in most environments. As with all claddings, improvements in durability is achieved by an annual wash down with warm water so to avoid the buildup of deposits. The Alubond U.S.A ACP panels is anti static and more self-cleansing than many of the alternatives.


Routine cleaning of the Alubond U.S.A. panel surface is recommended. It may be washed with water and mild detergent followed by a clean water rinse.
The frequency of cleaning and the choice of suitable cleaning agent depends largely on the position of the building being cleaned and degree of contamination.
Cleaning of sun-heated surfaces (above 400 C) is nopt recommended to avoid rapid drying which may lead to stain formation.The cleaning operation must be followed
by a thorough rinse with clean water to ensure the removal of all remnants of the cleansing agent. A final wipe down by means of a sponge, leather or wiper is
necessary to avoid water stains.

For further details, (please refer to the Maintenance Manual in the downloads section)


We produce Alubond U.S.A and its affiliated materials under the proper control based on ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001: 2004 quality assurance system from the coil
coating lines to the continuous laminating lines. Our mission to deliver high quality products and services on time at the right price makes our products and
services the prime choice for our stakeholders worldwide. We will achieve this through constant innovation and commitment to R & D with a highly committed work force.



  • STANDARD WIDTH: 1250mm
  • AVAILABLE WIDTH: 1000mm, 1500mm, 1550mm
  • AVAILABLE LENGTH: Custom order upto 5800mm
  • AVAILABLE THICKNESS: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

  • Thickness of Panel: +/- 0.2
  • Thickness of Skin: +/- 0.05
  • Bow: +/- 0.5% of length
  • Dimension in sizes: +/- 3 mm
  • SQUARENESS: +/- 0.5% of legth

Alubond USA Lite (4 mm) – 7 kg/m2

  • Peel Strength – 10 to 12 N/mm (tested as manufactured and after 21 days soaking in water at 70°F)
  • Gloss Retention: 90% after 4000 hrs

  • Top Coil protection with polyester coating/ Also possible with PVDF KYNAR 500(more than 70% PVDF resin) or Fluoropolymer coating
  • 5-7 microns (approx.) prime coat and 18-20 microns (approx.) finish coat
  • 5-7 microns (approx.) prime coat and 18-20 microns (approx.) finish coat and 10-12 microns clear coat
  • Nominal dry film thickness is 35 microns

IMPACT: Coating shall withstand reverse impact of 1.5″/pounds per mil substrate thickness

  • Solid Colors – 16 standard colors, Custom colors possible
  • Metallic Colors – 16 Colors, Custom Colors Possible
  • 5 Coat PVDF & Fluropolymer coated Aluminum Composite Panels in stone and wood finish, with low matt to high gloss upto 90%
  • Wood Finish – 14 Standard Finishes; Stone Finish – 9 Standard FInishes
  • Prismatic Colors – 9 Standard Colors
  • Sparkling Colors – 9 Standard Colors

For information on the colors/ Finishes, please refer to our Color Charts (Link for colorchart downloads)