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Alubond’s array of colors and finishes combined with the inherent capability of forming different shapes and contours with durability and weather resistance makes Alubond an Architect’s Dream. Major Corporations and Multi National Companies have a definitive desire to make their structures an expression of Personal Designer Statement. Alubond U.S.A becomes a natural choice to achieve this objective. The possible applications are limited to the architect’s imagination. The versatility of Alubond U.S.A Metal composite panels allow the product to have conventional as well as Exotic Applications.

Acoustic Covers

Alubond U.S.A Acoustic core was developed to achieve outstanding acoustical and thermal resistance properties. These properties are related to the physical composition of the LDPE produced at Alubond. Alubond usa acoustic uses specially processed porous polymers which are prepared by copolymerizing styrene and de vinyl benzene and contain micro-scaled pores that help in sound dampening. Such features have largely helped in the building of escalator covers, portacabins, refrigerator enclosures, etc.

Exterior Facades

In architecture, the façade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design point of view as it sets the outlook for the rest of the building. From an engineering perspective, the building façade is also of great importance due to its impact on energy efficiency.

With various different types of panels to choose from, Alubond provides its customers with products that are credited to be the world’s highest rating in heat deflection, system fire resistance and delamination strength, and a complete one stop turnkey solution from design to implementation of projects. These various panels have been successfully used in building facades for high rise, medium to high rise, stadalone buildings as well as for interior walls lining, signage and marking.

Ceilings and Interiors

Alubond USA building material helps create great interiors with its innovation in finish. Alubond provides ACP material that can easily replicate wood and stone interiors and at the same time provide a very intricate finish to the interiors. Alubond usa is highly moisture, rot and termite resistant unlike wood and stone and has a strong resistance to swelling, buckling or delaminating.

Solar Mirrors

The Alubond metal composite technology has been applied to produce solar mirrors and has been a driving force of conserving energy efficiently.

The Alubond Solar Collector Mirror is a unique worldwide patented composite panel, sandwiching a high durable exterior grade core between two layers of metal skin. Since it is lightweight and has phenomenal flatness it is easier for handling, managing and shipping giving international projects a great boost.

It also has the advantage of needing low maintenance and its minimum support structure assembly maximizes ease of installation and fabrication.

The Alubond PV Booster Mirror is a reflective metal mirror for photovoltaic (PV) devices which increases the electrical output of the PV panel and cuts out the UV range of radiations in the solar spectrum that causes panel ageing and overheating. The new surface maintains high uniform reflectivity at visible and NIR wavelength.


Alubond USA’s metal composite panels also provide as a great interior for bathrooms. These panels are waterproof and do not erode with time. It has a long durability period and does not get affected by weather dynamics. It also gives a fabulous outlook as it comes in various colors and designs.

Corporate Identity and Signage

Alubond s vast array of colors and finishes makes it possible to accurately match the identity and design for leading product and corporate brands. Alubond lite is a special high gloss twin colored panel, conceptualised exclusively for corporate identity applicaitons. Over the years, alubond usa has been used extensively to denote iconic brand logos around the world


Alubond USA’s fire rated metal composites have been extensively used in airports, bus terminals, monorails, cars, buses etc due to its superior insulation, fire resistance and robustness and easy to mould design. Alubond usa has been installed in major transport structures around the world like the Dubai Metro, airports at Sharjah, Cairo, Hurgadha, Montenegro, Serbia, Czech Republic, Salaleh and India.

Fire Rated Doors

Alubond USA’s fire rated metal composite materials are widely used in fire rated doors. The usage of these materials helps stop diffusion of smoke and other harmful gases from a single region of construction to another. In case of a fire, the doorway also stops oxygen from flowing into the impacted area thus preventing it from spreading into other areas. Alubond usa can be moulded in numerous designs that go perfectly well with any sort of surroundings. These doorways are non-combustible making it a safe environment all together.

Yacht Interiors

Alubond USA’s metal composite materials have been successfully applicable as interiors for yachts because of its light weight and ease of fabrication combined with corrosion and fatigue resistance. Alubond usa has proved to be of low maintenance and without delamination, blistering, leaks and problems associated with structural fatigue. Also, recent advances in aluminum cutting and welding has helped to reduce the installation costs while providing great flexibility and value to the customer.

Car Park Grills

Car parks are exposed to the same stresses and weather conditions as bridges. Alubond USA provides watertight properties, ease and speed of installation, and long lasting durability, to car grills making them efficient in the long run.